Health Probabilities Matched to ELSA and SHARE

In this site, you can find the individual probabilities of belonging to each health group from "Endogenous Health Groups and Heterogenous Dynamics of the Elderly" by Dante Amengual, Jesús Bueren, and Julio A. Crego matched to the ELSA and SHARE .

In the .dta file the unit of observation is an individual. Each individual is uniquely identified into a single ID variable "IDunique" for each individual in the ELSA and SHARE. "IDunique" coincides with the individual identifier used in the original SHARE and ELSA files.

In the paper, we show that using the individual health classification with the highest probability outperforms existing measures of health used in the literature at explaining entry in nursing homes, home health care, out-of-pocket medical expenses and mortality.

probabilities4_ELSA_SHARE.dta: Contains the probabilities when the number of groups is set to four